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 Change your MINDSET

Change your LIFE

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Do you have a lack of confidence?

Are you in a career "just to get by"?

Is your relationship holding you back?

I know personally the pain of not feeling good enough, the effect on your life when you are depressed, the draining feeling of being in a toxic relationship.


I am honoured to be able to help with a true passion people just like yourself to become authentic YOU and live YOUR OWN LIFE instead of someone else's!

It's been a decade now and I am still very passionate about it!


 Transform your

We'll find your direction!

The first phone call or meeting is the most important. 

It is when you open up and share your challenges, beliefs, and problems

so that we can make a plan, laser focus on your needs and transform your life...

It doesn't have to be an overhaul on your whole life.

It can be just your career, your health habits,

your relationships or building your confidence.

The point of the very first meeting is to find the source of your challenge and start solving it. I will help you with that!

Once that is done,

you will enjoy a new, fulfilling life!

Relationship Coaching


Many people are searching for the one person to be satisfied with and to help them feel great in life. They get together hoping they will be happy and together forever! However, the reality is that people break up, divorce and separate more often than ever. Why does it happen that way? Because people are not willing to work on their relationships. People are hoping to date, live together, get married and apply all their own rules and "how it must be" to their partner and new family. And of course, ideally they want their partners to change as well. Then the reality kicks in: their partner doesn't change and are not willing to, so life is not as they imagined and soon enough they separate. How about finding happiness within yourself first? How about learning about yourself and your partner before committing to each other? And creating a new family with fair rules and values based on both partners?

So often I have women turning to me to receive help with their relationships on their own. And while it is possible to work with one person only, as one party will be sorted and understood, the best results are achieved when couples get relationship counselling and/or psychotherapy together, when both are committed and working on it.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is:

  • Counselling refers to a brief treatment that centres around behaviour patterns; and

  • Psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for in the long-term and focuses on insight into emotional problems and difficulties.

My favourite way of work with couples is: Coaching 

The way I like to work with couples is to help them understand, know and love each other even more. I love to help them discover their own love languages, their needs, and overcome past issues to live fulfilling lives. In a relationship you must become better yourself allow each other to have your own space, in addition to having a happy family life. Relationship is about teamwork - each member has their own duties and responsibilities and when you have to step up you just do it because you are a part of the team! Values, promises, expectations...all that and so much more is discovered and exercised during our sessions!

It's all about who do you think

you CAN be, not who you actually are.


It doesn't matter what happened

to you in the past - you can't change that.


But you can change

YOUR world,

right NOW!

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