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10 reasons to book Olga to speak at your next event

Olga Geidane is a professional speaker, event host and coach who specializes in creating unique, interactive and inspiring experiences for her audiences.


Olga is passionate about helping her clients reach their fullest potential, and she does this through her unique approach to speaking, event hosting and coaching. By creating a customized experience for each and every event, Olga ensures that her audiences leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action. Her passion for speaking and helping others shines through in each and every one of her events.

Olga truly understands that your audience is unique and so is every speaker, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the speaking world. Here are 10 reasons why to book Olga to speak in the own words of her clients who booked her previously.



She is outstanding!

She is outstanding! Her energy lights up the room but her main focus is always to bring out the light in others. Engage with her. You will learn, you will grow and you will be delighted with the result.

                                                 Fiona Brennan-Scott


Very interactive and engaging

I came away with a practical plan and the insights needed to make it happen. Olga is so good at creating just the right atmosphere to make this happen. Brilliant!

                                                           Krystyna Trybula

Olga Geidane best motivational keynote speaker trainer event host mc facilitator.png
Olga Geidane best motivational speaker and coach .jpg


Inspirational and motivational

Olga is truly an inspirational and motivational speaker.

I recommend Olga who speaks from the heart and really cares about her audience.

                                                                       - Elsa Caleb


Action-oriented paticipation

Our audience of Business Owners and Professionals found Olga to be thoroughly engaging and thought-provoking. Participation was strong and many came away with some personal and business goals to work on. Needless to say, I will be working with Olga again in the near future

                                                                            - Wasim Alam



World-class delivery

I have known Olga for a while now and had the luxury of spending time with her and learning more about her beliefs, methods and vast experience. So when I was looking for a guest speaker for my monthly business development workshops, Olga was the obvious choice, and she certainly delivered. The feedback from my workshop members was brilliant, and the information Olga shared was world-class. Highly recommend her for anyone considering their next speaker.

                                                                                              - Jon Covey

Olga Geidane best motivational speaker


She walks the talk impactfully

She is an accomplished speaker and very thought-provoking, a great example of someone who walks her own talk.

                                                      - Chris Whitehead                  


Captivating and challenging

Olga, thank you for your invaluable workshop on productivity! You captivated every member, challenged us and yet the entire team felt easy about the tasks and challenges. You have a great way of connecting with everyone.

                                                                       - Gabriella S.

IMG_3902 2.jpg


Professional and passionate

Olga delivered a session on Positive Stress and it was perfectly delivered and captivated an audience of leaders and managers. It was, without doubt, the best event I have attended in the last 2 years. Olga is not only a consummate professional, who is passionate about her subject, but has the human touch to which puts everyone she meets at ease. I would recommend Olga to anyone. This is one opportunity you don't want to miss.

                                                                      - Jonathon Birrell



Brave, ballsy and provocative

A powerful speaker - I have seen a lot of speakers, even trained a number of them, but I have never met anyone like Olga. It’s not untypical for a speaker to share or to be gutsy on stage. These are essential to engage the audience. But Olga really takes it up a notch beyond anything I have seen before. She is one of the bravest people I have ever seen on stage. If you looking to book a speaker or attend a talk that will be inspiring, challenging, and leave you wanting to take action... she is perfect.

                                                                        - Matt Black



Long-lasting affect

Olga, it was a fantastic speech last night! Straight to the point, great questions and an awesome call to action! I know you were very limited in time but we all felt connected and I personally was reflecting a lot on what you have spoken about...

                                                                       - Alison

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