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CHANGE is your friend!

  • Learn how to embrace change

  • Tips on handling change-related stress

  • Fun and inspirational real-life examples

  • Interactive exercises to welcome change

  • Unforgettable challenges that will stretch


Aren't you tired of plain ZOOM events and very dull, and boring conferences and events?

Would you like your audience to have goosebumps from active engagement and stretchy exercises as well as feel post-event like really ready to take action? 


Then let me step in and make it happen!


Please read the following 3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT book me:

  • I am not your speaker if you want people to stay on their phones!

  • I am not your speaker if you are looking for just another inspirational speaker

  • I am not your speaker if you want me to read off my slides or paper. In fact, there might be NO slides at all!!!

Passed the test?

Then get in touch and let's create an event that your audience will speak about for a long time and they will want to come back BEFORE it is even finished! Let's make them see, hear and feel motivation and booze in the air!

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