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Olga Geidane is a life-changing Speaker, experienced Life Coach and very driven Business Mentor.


She inspired and motivated thousands of people to transform and finally live their own lives by overcoming their challenges and limiting beliefs. Olga helped so many to achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.

She is very passionate, professional and successful. Olga is a great example of someone coming from abroad with no knowledge of English language and building a successful business from scratch.


Now she coaches and mentors other business owners so they can succeed, too. 


As a speaker Olga always makes sure her audience is not only inspired, but also is involved, highly engaged and has the tools and tips to take away to change their lives starting right there and then.

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Together with The Prince’s Trust, she helps disadvantaged young people to transform their lives and to build a bright future.

Young ENterprise.jpg

With the Youth Enterprise she is bringing the enterprise and financial education to schools, so students are ready for work-life once graduated. 

A word can hurt or can make you feel awesome.

A good speech can inspire you,

but an excellent talk can move your soul. 

I am dedicated to changing the lives of millions and therefore I deliver 100% every time I am in front of you!

In order to deliver at the highest possible standard Olga requires the following to be provided for her on the day:

  • Access to the room, prior to the talk, to prepare

  • One table

  • One jug containing two litres of still water (no ice)

  • One glass

  • For audiences in number between 5 and 80 could you please provide a stable flipchart stand and pad.

  • Access to and a screen and projector for the PowerPoint. Alternatively, Olga can provide this prior to the delivery to upload to your system.

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