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How do your words affect your life? 3 important things to remember!

Words can motivate, and they can hurt!

1. Watch your communication with others.

- Are you careful with your words?

- Your intonation?

- Your body language?

- Have you noticed how often you actually get upset with someone because they said something "that way" and "gave you that look"?

When you talk to others and yourself, it is not only words that are important - but also the way you speak. If you want to win more deals, get more friends, and have long-lasting relationships - be aware of your language and vocabulary! Be more kind, warm and friendly. Record your own conversations and listen to them to see what you can improve.

2. Always search for the positive side of situations!

"As soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience", - says Tony Robbins. In a lifetime, you have many experiences, situations and moments you can learn from - either negatively or positively. Could you change your perspective? Could a bad experience turn into a good one if you just TRY to find at least one positive thing about it? If you are stuck in traffic - you can either complain and go mad about it or appreciate the time life has given you and use it! Think, plan, make a call, make notes... use your time wisely!

3. Watch the way you speak to yourself.

How you speak about yourself or to yourself affects all aspects of your life! "I am always clumsy", "I am stupid", and many other words are ruining your confidence. And you do it to yourself voluntarily! Your self-talk must be uplifting, inspirational, and motivational! Never say, "I would like to go back to so and so" - you can't turn back time. You can never be the same again! Watch your body and do the same: regenerate and improve, heal your wounds and move on! It is not about what you were like before. It is all about who you can become NOW. It’s very important to remember that your transformation begins with your THOUGHTS!


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