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Why to do life and business coaching?

I am very passionate and love what I do: life and business coaching.

It has been my dream since I was a little girl to help others.

I wanted so much to solve all problems in everyone's life!

As a child, I used to "listen to my dolls and toys" and make up some stories and dramas in their "lives".

Nowadays, every time I show up at a networking event, many people ask me these questions: why a combination of both? Isn’t it hard to stretch yourself? What do you enjoy more? Let me answer these three most commonly asked questions!

Why do I work with a combination of life and business coaching?

Because neither can “live” without the other. You can’t be 100% happy at work or in your business if your private life is not balanced. You cannot be highly effective and a great time and money manager in your business if you have bad money and time-wasting habits. People don’t realise how much private life’s routines, discipline (or lack of discipline), habits, beliefs, and thoughts will affect their life. Therefore, it is important to work on both areas. I am not saying doing that simultaneously - that would be very challenging. But, with a good action plan, you can plan it and work on both. So eventually, you get to an awesome life and thriving business or career!

Isn’t it hard to stretch me in both large areas?

If you know how to cook, you can make various dishes. If you know how to drive a car - you will be able to drive many cars. I am not saying I can do everything.

None of us is superhuman.

Knowing techniques, human needs, types of personalities and what drives them is a basement and core knowledge for life and business coaching.

A huge lesson I learned a while ago - is not to take more than I can serve and combine if it gets too busy.

Those who read D. Priestley's “Oversubscribed” will understand the concept of quality, not the number of clients. Therefore, for smaller businesses, I run group coaching where they network, learn, improve and bounce ideas off each other - in addition, it is more cost-effective for them. Having only five people in a group makes it very family-like, and many become good friends. With established businesses, we work more closely.

Therefore I don’t work with more than three business clients a week - I dedicate one day to that, which is my “business day”, and group business coaching evening time. The same I do with life coaching: working with couples and, in general, with relationships on one day and other issues on another. I do a lot of work with charities, including Prince’s Trust, so having this big part of my life when I inspire, work with and educate children and young people - I have to be careful with the amount of work I take. I also have a lovely family and kids, so my time and energy are precious! No one wants to work with an exhausted specialist!

What do I enjoy more?

I love doing both, genuinely! I am very passionate about helping people live the life of their dream and achieving their goals, not just existing.

I run my own business, too; therefore, it is natural to want to pass on the experience and knowledge to others! It is exciting and rewarding, and I love it!

I hope that helps and brings some clarity and understanding of the important life and business coaching in our lives!

Have an awesome life and a thriving business!

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