New Life in 2017 - how to achieve your goals?

Have you noticed how from one new year to another, all that you hear around eNew Year’s Eve is: "so what's your new year's resolution?!". At least everyone should have one: to make a list of new resolutions!

So where is your list of goals? Just get that out and let's look at that! I guess you actually don't have one. And that's the reason why so many people aren't accomplishing even one thing in a year - because despite having lists in their heads - without seeing them on regular basis they don't measure them, don't remember and don't get motivated!

I have to say; some people are really good at writing their goals down - and still not achieving them. Other people do not keep anything in writing, they actually hate making the effort to write anything down, even their own name – they just can't be asked! But once you look at their life - they actually achieve one goal after another! So…what makes some of us so good at goal achieving and others only at goal setting?

Here are few tips or rules of goal setting, which most likely isn't anything new to few of you. However, as my favorite guru Anthony Robbins says, "repetition is the mother of skill". Therefore, if you are STILL searching for advice on HOW to set your goals, FINALLY proceed with that!

  1. Set goals only for yourself! "I have a new house". You just have no rights to change anyone's life, unless they are asking you to help them with a change. Therefore, enjoy goal setting for yourself only, it is the perfect time to be as selfish as you can!

  2. Your goals must be genuine, important to you and meet general, at least standard values and rules. “I want my enemy to be robbed" is just wrong. So just don't wish and make a goal for anything that is not morally good or acceptable.

  3. Make it specific! "I have a new-build 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house with a conservatory, large garden and a garage." When your goal is too blurry it's quite hard to understand whether it is what you really wanted or not. Once you make it as specific as the example above then you actually focus on only this type and size of your goal (and please, add as many details as possible, the more the better!).

  4. Make it in the present tense! "I am buying a new-build 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house with a conservatory, large garden and a garage." Think about it: whenever you have something important in your life, you always "live it" all, 100%, right that moment. Prior that it can be exciting, you are impatient and after it all feels settled. So, the richest time of the situation is actually while it’s happening - the same happens to your goal. It lives in your heart right in that moment. Say it in the future tense and it becomes a "one day, impossible goal": I will buy a house. Someday. Maybe. And if you record it in the past tense - it doesn't feel real. Your brain wouldn't believe it.

  5. Make it measurable either by date, quantity or anything else! One of the greatest examples is: "I want more money". Here you are, £0.05, hope you are satisfied! So, saying "I make £10k every month" is way more accurate. And actually, it is a very good thing to say by what time it will be done or achieved. This way you know there is a limit of time!

  6. Make it emotional or colourful. When you dream about a new car - imagine the colour, try to hear the engine sound and the feeling you have when you own it: "I feel so proud and happy driving my brand new and shiny red Range Rover, with 3L engine and beige interior." Would you agree that when you will start actually searching for a new car you would pay attention only to Range Rovers and only to red ones?

  7. Make it visible. Stick it to the fridge or on the mirror, in your diary, on the mirror, anywhere you can see it every day! The more often - the better! If you hate writing, well - record it and autoplay it like your alarm. At least you will get motivated every early morning!

  8. DO NOT include "don't, won't, shouldn't, etc". Whatever your goal is - it must be positive and something you actually want, rather than don't. "I don't want to be fat" sounds depressing comparing to "I want to be slim by 31 December 2017". Off you go!

  9. Welcome anything more amazing than your goal by actually saying "or better than the above mentioned." It is great to make a goal, however do not limit yourself. There could be something better and more amazing coming your way once you specify that - so let it happen and welcome anything grand!

  10. Action plan. When you are planning your holiday - you have bullet points to do prior to your holiday, the same applies here. Workout, backwards, what steps and actions you must do for your goal to become a reality! If it is to save £1200.00 in a year - then by dividing that sum by 12 you know it is only £100.00 a month and that becomes more realistic. Breaking down a big yearly goal into smaller monthly, weekly or daily action steps will help you to get there quicker!

  11. My last and favourite step is: make your goal twice as big! That will feel uncomfortable, weird, unrealistic, etc. A good question is - have other people done it? And if the answer is yes, I cannot see any reason why you shouldn't aim for better than you think you can achieve. Look at the sportsmen at Olympics: every time new records are achieved! That happens because those hard-working sportsmen and women are focused on "beating" that old record! I truly doubt anyone is actually saying to themselves: I hope I will achieve precisely the same result as the last record.

I genuinely cannot see any reason why people shouldn't enjoy more of life’s experiences, laughs and happiness. Achieving your goals brings you more joy and great memories in life. If you follow these steps - I wish you very good luck! And if you are the one saying, "I know and have done everything, this all is bs" - you just wasted a bit more of your own time, not mine!

Happy New 2017 year all of you!

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