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Career and passion in life

20 min - half a day

When young people are leaving school premises - they see the whole world in front of them. 


Some of them have great grades and will get to prestigious universities. They will have family supporting them and most likely they already know what they are going to do in their life as a job.


Others, unfortunately still feel lost, they have no direction and in addition to lack of emotional and financial support they also don’t have confidence or self-esteem.


Both types of students are a massive part of our future generation and one day they will be giving back to the next and next generation. Will that be a thank you to us, mentors, teachers, speakers or “I wish I could get help”?


It’s important to inspire youth and provide them with a belief in them. Moreover, they need an understanding that they are building their own life, not their parents' or friends'. 


The choice, the voice and results - all brought up in my inspirational talks to youth. I am very passionate about working with young people and I am dedicating my life to making sure they believe in themselves, accept themselves and are the greatest supporters of themselves.


Book me now and I will help 5 of your selected young people with a free session on their issue / limiting belief.


Let’s unleash the full potential of the next generation! 

"I have an unprivileged background"

20 min - 2 hours

Les Brown says: your past does not determine your future! So many young people unfortunately had very poor and challenging upbringings. When they grow up - everything they saw, heard, witnessed - is considered to be normal for 80% of youth. Only 20% will decide to take the opposite direction. They will choose not to drink alcohol excessively, not to take drugs and not to be violent to their partners. The first part, 80% will continue on the same path and eventually will end up even worse. 

I am dedicating my time and life to help the younger generation to understand that whatever circumstances they came from and no matter what experience they had - they deserve to be healthy, happy and successful. I connect with young people through my own experience and experiences of many famous people they know and follow on social media. 

This speaking gig is very life changing and provides a lot to think about.

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