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The Ultimate Life Transformation

  1. 50 coaching sessions

  2. 4 face-to-face meetings

  3. Access to me between sessions via email, text message or phone

  4. Opportunity to go to 3 events with me to meet my connections

  5. Introduction to my networking

  6. Opportunity to come to all my event free of charge, unlimited

  7. Access to all webinars

  8. Opportunity to come to all my bootcamps

  9. Opportunity to work with other specialists through my connections at discounted fees

  10. Signed and framed certificate of completion

  11. Free Life transformation accountability book.

  12. Celebration time


What's the plan?

Month 1 - the life story, linking experience, connection between past life with who wanna be

Past work/business’s experiences, the effect on the future

Full analysis of all 8 areas of life and the affect of past


Month 2, 3 - summarise who you wanna be, working on clear vision including work and other areas of life, creating a vision board, working on your style, manners, behaviour, confidence


Month 4 - creating a daily routine, life of new you in every area, creating a schedule and set goals


Month 5 - Home environment review, decluttering home and life


Month 6 - modifying daily /monthly routine,

working on the self talk and the language, working on limiting stories, replacing with empowering ones, working on vocabulary, voice, gestures - within all areas, video recording and feedback


Month 7, 8 - working on circumstances and what surrounds you, working on your current and future work, relationships, circle of friends, hobbies and interests - all areas of life


Month 9 - creating a perfect step by step daily routine based on all above tests and all implemented so far. Set new goals, times, stretch them for every area of life


Month 10 - a complete immersion into new life and leaving the past behind thorough rituals and techniques

New birthday


Month 11 - aligning and balancing the new life with expectations from before, reset goals and targets,


Month 12 Review time. Celebration time. Action plan for next 12 m, 5 years, 10, etc...

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