What is the meaning of anything?

Many people are trying to find meaning in their life: the meaning of love, the meaning of what someone just told them, etc.

However, it all starts with the meaning YOU use.

You apply it to every situation, experience and conversation you have.

You have an inner voice telling you what someone "actually means" when they say something.

The quality of your life, incidents and your emotions after certain events are dependent on the meaning you are applying....

How about trying to start practicing the simple task of searching and finding meaning in a particular situation, then changing that to the meaning you want to have in that situation?

For example, after a challenging relationship with your ex now you have a choice of:

1. Thinking all relationship are like that because all men or women are bastards; or

2. Applying the meaning of learning and experiencing that particular lesson in life, embracing that, thanking the person for the great wisdom you gained and move on.

In the first case you will be living in the past forever, comparing your new and potential other halves to your ex, you will become angry and negative. If you make a choice to change the meaning you will just know what kind of person you don't want in your life and eventually will be happy with the perfect person!

Despite it sounding very complicated, it is actually very easy. A simple question to ask yourself would be: "what does that mean to me" and if the answer is not satisfactory - just change the meaning!

#meaning #happiness