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You are MORE than "JUST A MOTHER"

Dear women: older and younger, married and single, employed and unemployed...

You are loving mothers, sisters, caring daughters, wives, and co-workers and all live somebody else's lives, dreams, and goals; you support others and think of so many people around you!

I worked with so many women who were unsatisfied with their lives. They had all sorts of different excuses for being unhappy: no time, being a mother, busy work, untidy husbands, having demanding parents, etc.

I heard all possible and impossible excuses from ladies who had forgotten about themselves.

I know how popular feminism is nowadays, and I am not here to talk about women’s rights and dispute what sex should be dominating.

I strongly believe in having a happy, fulfilling life on this planet when you have harmony in every area and aspect of your life.

Your gender doesn't matter in this case.

Many of us put others first: we are waiting for husbands to succeed at their work or businesses, we are raising our children and waiting impatiently for them to grow up, and we are so desperate to see friends do well and get married...

How about you?

Have you thought about where and how you will end up if you maintain this worrying about others? There is no such thing as "others come first."

In case of a plane crash, you MUST put an oxygen mask on YOURSELF FIRST, then others.

The same happens in life: you must take care of yourself first if you want to be able to look after other people.

You must spend some time with yourself planning, enjoying and living life - and others will join you.

It would help if you found happiness within yourself first; then, kids, partners, and co-workers will benefit from your positivity.

You must love yourself first if you want others to accept and love you, too.

If you don't follow your dream or your goal (it doesn't matter big or small) - you will turn out being lonely and alone when kids leave the house, your partner dies, and friends are too busy with families. That is a very sad place to be...

It's time to stop thinking you are "just a mom", and start moving towards your dream, step-by-step, every day.

It doesn't matter how much time you have in a day: if you delete all your social media apps off your phone, you will find the time!

Start spending time by yourself, thinking about what you would do if time and money were limitless.

What is that hobby you had when you were younger?

What gives you great satisfaction when you do it?

What makes you feel very special?

Time is ticking, so don't let it go by too fast.

Love yourself, find your passion and enjoy life!

You don't have to change the entire world; change your world within yourself!


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