How your daily habits affect your life: discover your negative habits and turn them around

I can tell what habits you have from the way your life is: your daily routine affects not only your private life but also your finances, your social life, your relationships, your work or business, ​​​​your personal growth... everything. So whether you want to make a tiny shift or take a massive, huge, life-changing step - you should start with your habits!

Look around and at yourself: Why did you dress up that way? How did you brush your teeth today? Why did you take your phone with you and what did you do with it on the way to work/university? Did you read something to grow and improve yourself or just surf thorough Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Every day I work with clients on their lives and I see the same pattern: bad habits = bad results, poor habits = poor results, negative habits = negative results...And people are still wondering why nothing has changed in their lives for ages!!!

If you truly and honestly are fed up with the way things are in your life, here is a step by step guide on how to change everything:

1. Start with writing what your life looks like right now. Don't exaggerate, just write pure facts. Be honest and open. Keep this list. Many years later you will be thankful to this date. In fact, put a date on it!

2. Next, make a list of habits you are aware of and which you know are NOT helping you or are damaging to you. Ask your friends and family, don't be shy or embarrassed, people who love you will be very happy to see you working on yourself! If you are constantly late for work and you know it is a result of waking up late, you should write "I am going to bed too late."

3. Make a new, empowering list of habits by replacing all negatives. "Go to sleep by 10 pm" is a new, positive habit!

4. Prioritize by most important habits and make a plan: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the type of habit. It could even be yearly: do my tax assessment by the New Year, not January.

5. Action plan: start working on your new habits. Choose no more than three new habits in a day, but work on it on a regular basis.

6. Create a "punishment" and a "reward". You don't get a chocolate until you do your new action. And if you don't do it - think what would push you? Not watching you favourite TV program? Anything else? That way you will feel rewarded for doing and following your action plan and you will be conscious of consequences for not doing it!

My favourite example is brushing your teeth: parents were teaching us, doing that for us, asking and reminding us and now, being adults, we JUST do it. No-one pays attention to that anymore, it became natural. Make your new, empowering and positive habits as natural as brushing your teeth!

I am sure you are ready to be the owner of your life, to make it the most amazing and fulfilling! Start now, start with a small step and trust me, you will get far!