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This is why you need a business coach

Athletes, tennis players, boxers... - every serious sports person has a personal trainer or a coach to push, motivate, support and keep them focused!

As a business owner (or a future business owner) you will be running your own marathon of to-do lists, social media posts, client requests and bills. Let me guess how much time do you actually put into working on your business, rather than being in the business?

Tap yourself on the shoulder if you do, because only 1 person out of 10 actually does it! All the rest are blaming lack of time, lack of knowledge and motivation, as well as tiredness. Personal trainers in the gym will push you to make another set, will call you if you are not there and will pre-book time with you, so you know when the next time to train is! They also work with you on your individual program, based on what results you want to achieve...

Exactly the same happens when you have a business coach. Apart from being motivated and supported when you actually feel lonely running your own business, you will also get help with:

  1. Clarity of what you want to achieve with your business;

  2. Systemizing your business;

  3. Transformation from having a "job" you created for yourself to an independent business;

  4. Getting the confidence to understand your business numbers;

  5. Making your business outstanding;

  6. Finding balance between work and private life;

  7. Separating urgent and important tasks from others;

  8. Knowing your clients; and

  9. Creating a niche in the market.

The list can be infinitely long because there are so many things that need attention and knowledge within a business, as you’ve probably already found out.

When I started my own business in 2009 I thought I was doing great and was extremely proud of myself! Right now, looking back I have to say: getting a business coach was The Best Business Decision I ever made! I was shown the potential and was led and coached on every aspect of my business. My business became fully independent and I run it by spending only one day a week on it. That's how powerful business coaching can be. I had no experience, no knowledge, and in fact, no skills either. Could I do it myself? I guess I could... In 15 or 20 years instead of a few only!

Many people are worried about the cost of having a business coach. Ask yourself a question: do you want to get to the final destination sooner and with less financial loss or are you ready to procrastinate, waste your time and money, while you are learning in your "free time"? Change your mindset and things will change around you: it is not the cost, it is an INVESTMENT into you and your family’s future!

To get a driving license you need an instructor.

Apply the same principle in your business!

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